Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Corporate Takeover Of the United States

With today's Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns. Our government is already over taken by corporate backed lobbyists and now the big money in Washington is unfettered in its ability to control our Nation. Both sides of the isle have continually bowed to corporate influence. We already have a congressman and two senators in this state who are bought and paid for by Energy Solutions. Now, instead of having to hide the money donating through corporate executives, these corporations can freely purchase the politician of their choice. Invest in America. Buy a Congressman! A Nation by the Corporation, of the Corporation, and for the Corporation. The majority on the Supreme Court should be ashamed for their behavior and total disregard for over 100 years of legal history on this issue. The Banks are now able to bank roll any and all politicians who they approve of and control all media markets. Heaven help our great nation from falling into the abyss of corporate greed and corruption.

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