Monday, September 22, 2008

Bowen to Bishop on Energy and Spending: Where Were You Three Years Ago?

Right on the heels of Friday's debate, a great article in the Salt Lake Tribune today, defining the differences between Morgan Bowen's suggested policies, and Rep. Rob Bishop's blind towing of the GOP party line. On the energy crisis:
Three-term incumbent Bishop has run several bills this year focusing on rewarding conservation, increasing production of traditional fossil fuels and alternatives and building refineries, pipelines and power lines to create and distribute energy.

He wants to see an immediate increase of leases for oil shale production and oil drilling in offshore locations as well as in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"There has been once again an arbitrary prohibition against [off-shore drilling] everywhere but the Gulf of Mexico. Even the Democrat side realizes there is not enough supply," said Bishop, a former Brigham City high school teacher and Utah House speaker. "In ANWR, we know there is oil there and a lot of it. There is no logical reason why it shouldn't be done."

Bowen, a high school LDS Seminary teacher from Logan who has never held a public office, has his own plans.

He would also like to see America wean itself from foreign oil. He is OK with drilling on public land, and he wants to provide incentives for oil companies to drill on leases they already have. He also wants a much greater focus on renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and agrees with nuclear power in places that have more water available than Utah.

His biggest disagreement with Bishop is over the timing of the bills.

"Where was Rob Bishop two or three years ago?" Bowen said. "We lost a lot of opportunities."
Good question. The article also describes how Bowen distinguishes himself from Bishop's excuse making on importing radio-active waste into Utah, and the spending and deregulation without oversight that lead to our current economic troubles. Read the rest here.

You can read more about Bishop's spending record here.

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