Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bowen calls on Bennett and Hatch to stop Retro-active immunity

A little while ago my father (Morgan Bowen candidate UT CD-1) called on Utah's senators Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch to Vote to stop retroactive immunity to telecoms. Pity they didn't listen, I agree with my father, Congress is eradicating our constitutional rights.

HYDE PARK, UT: (UT CD-1) Democratic Candidate Morgan Bowen again today blasted what he calls "government run amuck." On the day of the US Senate's vote on whether the Congress should grant retroactive immunity to telecoms that cooperated with the government's illegal and unconstitutional domestic spying program, Bowen released the following comments:

"I urge Senators Hatch and Bennett to protect the Constitution and to vote on this bill with the rule of law foremost on their minds. Illegal and unconstitutional acts should not be forgiven, long after the fact, regardless of excuses, or party pressure.

"Members of the Utah Congressional Delegation, including a member of my own party, have already shown unfortunate judgment on this bill and, because of the surrender of their oath to protect the Constitution, set adside by these US House members, Hatch and Bennett have the opportunity to stop this egregiously un-American bill.

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Obi wan liberali said...

Morgan Bowen already had my vote. Now he will have what little I had budgeted for political contributions.